Even though the cryptocurrency market is expanding quickly, not all solution providers effectively meet customer demands. New areas need to be explored and addressed with innovative solutions to increase accessibility and security and provide a complete solution. Strata is committed to being your provider, not just for now but for the duration of your project.
Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

What can I expect on our call?

We'll go through the program's scope, any initial ideas you have, our approach, design concepts, anticipated timelines, and anticipated costs.

What is the usual timeline from start to finish?

The amount of time it'll take to complete will depend on the project's size and the company roadmap. However, we do have core solutions that can be completed in 45-60 days. We'll go over this during our initial conversation to figure out if this package is right for your team.

Why do we need to go through KYB?

In order to maintain safety and legitimize their business partners, Strata EXC needs to perform due diligence measures such as confirming that they are not linked with any forms of money laundering or other tax crimes.

Do you offer Web3 components?

Decentralized applications, or dApps, are platforms that cannot be controlled or managed by a single entity. Strata's dApps are now available when our customers require them, allowing them to have more control over their solutions. We provide a variety of services, from NFTs to Metaverse construction, to suit many needs.

What information should we have for our call?

All of the materials related to the solution concept, budget, timeline, in-house team members for the program, and company roadmap.

What is required for the card issuing components?

Prior to selecting the ideal vendor for your company, our partners necessitate a business plan that cover's the program's growth and future.With our experience in this area, we would gladly help establish these key components with your team.

Do we need to pay the full amount for the program at once?

We understand that every company has a different budget, so we offer customized payment plans to our clients. This way, they can take advantage of our services without breaking the bank.

Can we add modules during the development cycle?

We are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas alongside our clients, and we love seeing our programs grow along with them. If you have an idea that you think would be a great addition to the program, we encourage you to speak to your team lead so they can see if it is something that can be implemented in the current development cycle.


Request demo of desktop and mobile solutions, we are available via phone call & google meet.