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November 2, 2022

Strata EXC Reveals Future Finance Possibilities with Secure & Stable White-Label Blockchain Solutions

Built with the aim to modernize crypto solutions and functionalities for businesses globally, Strata EXC pioneers apps, token creation, and utilities for evolving corporate demands.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai - November 2, 2022 —

Powering business with the blockchain, Strata EXC is on a mission to democratize access to money movement and change the way financial services operate. To this aim, Strata has developed “Fintech as a service,” with the understanding that one-off solutions are no longer sustainable or scalable.

In fact, there is monumental demand for the development of a global framework that evolves to enable and enhance growth without the significant time and investment that is normally associated with such infrastructure. As a one-stop-shop, Strata EXC is able to provide clients with a seamless experience in connecting features, receiving and disbursing funds, establishing crypto tokens for payments, monetizing assets, streamlining compliance procedures, and so much more. This can all be accomplished without the major regulatory hurdles and licensing issues that are often faced in such endeavors.

Now, Strata EXC is offering a number of solutions, including the Strata white-label crypto exchange - an innovative and customizable platform that includes everything required to trade cryptocurrencies and operate a cryptocurrency exchange. With the ability to tailor to unique use cases and requirements, this white-label software package offers fully integrated features that work in tandem to provide an exchange unlike anything on the market today.

In addition, Strata provides card issuing solutions that build upon strong worldwide partnerships for vast useability and the utmost in security and spending power. This compliments the AEXC token solution from Strata - a stand out service that allows organizations the ability to create Platform coins, ERC-20 tokens, non-fungible token contracts, and others. Focusing on utility or securities models, their implementation of tokens is designed to deliver results that drive business forward.

In providing highly secure and innovative solutions for businesses worldwide, Strata EXC is pioneering a world of easy-to-integrate blockchain solutions that can work together just as easily as they work on their own. Their NFT trading platform, liquidity solutions, wallet solutions, and asset custody solutions, to name a few, are just several of the groundbreaking offerings that scale at the pace of modern business, never requiring a slowdown to account for legacy or aging systems. Their team of experts provide extensive support and knowledge to clients in every aspect of implementation to ensure the solutions fit the need and surpass expectations.

To learn more about Strata EXC visit strataexc.com.

About Strata EXC

Strata EXC is democratizing access to money movement by making international financial transactions simple and straightforward. In partnering with global money movement leaders, Strata EXC is able to provide a plethora of white-label solutions that enable frictionless commerce on a global scale. In providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates with their white-label offerings, Strata EXC is removing the guesswork from building powerful Fintech solutions at scale.

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