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February 17, 2023

Strata EXC Launches Groundbreaking Blockchain Solutions for a More Innovative Business Future

Revolutionizing the financial world with its blockchain-based solutions, Strata EXC is unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology, creating secure and decentralized networks that allow businesses to experiment & implement new ideas and technologies.

Strata EXC, the blockchain-based organization pioneering financial services, is set to revolutionize the financial world with its new and innovative financial blockchain solutions. The company, which was founded in 2018, has built a reputation as an industry leader in blockchain technology. Their team of experts is working to create new and exciting ways to leverage the power of blockchain to create secure, decentralized networks that enable multiple parties to securely share and access data. From supply chain management to financial transactions and beyond, an entirely new world is opening up within the framework of blockchain solutions.

Strata EXC's blockchain offerings empower businesses to unlock the full potential of the technology. Its payment solutions, for example, integrate convenient, reliable, and integrated options to make international financial transactions seamless and straightforward. The result is frictionless commerce on a global scale with a payment platform and card capabilities that are highly secure, simple, and powerful. In fact, Strata offers a full range of crypto debit card partners, allowing users to spend over 40 of the most popular cryptocurrencies at over 53 million businesses worldwide.

The Strata mobile and desktop app also stands out as a cutting-edge solution, offering features such as a digital assets exchange, an NFT trading platform, wallet solutions, liquidity solutions, and asset custody solutions. Easy to integrate and built for scalability, the Strata solutions are made to modernize businesses at every level. Such applications are now driving  innovation in the business world as Strata helps to foster a culture of creativity and innovation within the industry by enabling companies to experiment with new ideas and technologies. For example, Strata is currently working on developing new ways to use blockchain for managing intellectual property rights, which could greatly benefit industries like music and media.

Setting out to provide a one-stop shop for its clients, where organizations can connect features and receive/disburse funds in any currency, issue cards, expand wallet capabilities, manage KYC and compliance procedures, establish their crypto tokens for payments, monetize assets, and more, Strata is freeing companies of the worry and complications that is often associated with regulatory issues or crypto licensing in the global markets. The company is building out the "Fintech-as-a-Service" model, whereby clients can integrate solutions and features into any application or use their desired features on a standalone basis.

As Strata EXC continues to lead the way in the blockchain revolution, they continue to revolutionize the industry  by offering a range of services and solutions for businesses and individuals built on innovative financial blockchain solutions with a continued focus on development and innovation. The future is brighter and more efficient with Strata EXC. 

About Strata EXC

Strata EXC is democratizing access to money movement by making international financial transactions simple and straightforward. In partnering with global money movement leaders, Strata EXC is able to provide a plethora of white-label solutions that enable frictionless commerce on a global scale. In providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates with their white label offerings, Strata EXC is removing the guesswork from building powerful Fintech solutions at scale.

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