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November 18, 2022

Blockchain Development Defies Industry Limits as New & Innovative Use Cases Emerge

As Strata EXC pioneers adigital landscape where access to financial resources is simplified &secure, development and use cases are materializing in business applicationsfor the rapidly approaching future. 

United Arab Emirates, Dubai - With the powerful capabilities of blockchain fueling new business potential and utility, industries worldwide are realizing the benefits of integrating a web3 approach to today’s transactions, business dealings, and beyond. Blockchain technology facilitates the traceability and verifications of multi-step transactions, ensures low compliance expenses, and high levels of security, all while accelerating data transfer processing and aides in processes such as contract administration and product auditing. These features alone are just a few stand out reasons why blockchain appears to offer incredible opportunity to a limitless number of industries. In fact, development in the blockchain space as it applies to business is booming, and the enthusiasm is justified.

Expert organizations such as Strata EXC are innovating at a level that can be applied to various realms, from government and banking, to healthcare, supply chain management, the art world, and beyond. In democratizing access to money movement, both small business and large enterprises can take advantage of the decentralized network built on blockchain. From peer-to-peer payments or micro-transactions to the development of self-executing smart contracts, and card issuing capabilities, Strata is opening up a world of possibilities where businesses can enhance their security procedures, speed up customer facing and internal processes, increase accountability while also building trust. Other applications include virtual litigation, processing insurance claims, social and corporate governance, tracking environmental claims, air traffic control, and enhancing the efficiency of foreign exchange flows. For those willing to embrace blockchain, it’s a brave new world with endless applications.

Strata EXC’s card issuing capabilities, in particular, stand out as a leading-edge solution to money access in relation to cryptocurrency and decentralized exchanges. What has long been the most inhibiting factor to cryptocurrency adoption is now a seamless and straightforward experience, allowing users to spend their funds more easily than ever before. 

With blockchain development at the forefront of the digital future in terms of business use-cases and utility, it will soon be a question of what industries decentralized technology can’t improve or have an impact on. The speed, security and access it allows is far too effective to ignore, and as the world’s economies and interconnectedness of markets, trade, industries, expand, innovations will be better equipped to work in synergy in cost effective and highly productive ways. 

To discover the many solutions offered by Strata EXC, including card issues capabilities as well as their ‘Fintech as a Service’ options, visit strataexc.com. 

To learn more aboutStrata EXC visit strataexc.com.  


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AtStrata EXC Corp, we provide our clients with a complete solution for expandingtheir businesses into the global markets. We offer a one-stop shop forconnecting features, managing KYC and compliance procedures, issuing cards,receiving/disbursing funds in any currency, establishing crypto tokens forpayments, and monetizing assets--all without worrying about local regulatoryissues or crypto know-how. With Strata's "Fintech-as-a-Service"solution, you can get ahead of the competition by embedding a total commerceand financial services solution into any application or using it as astand-alone service. Contact us today for more information https://www.strataexc.com/requestdemo

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