We develop and release new token solutions or work with our existing white-label AEXC token solution to create sustainable and efficient platform application environments. We're able to create standalone Platform coins, ERC-20 tokens, non-fungible token contracts, and white label our AEXC Open source solution. Whether your focus is on utility or securities models, we have the experience necessary to design a token implementation that will set you up for success.

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An ICO needs a pitchbook, known as a white paper, to explain the project to potential investors. The Strata EXC team has created a white paper concept for the AXEC coin that can be reviewed as an example of what this will entail. Your team will also work with ours to create a comprehensive approach for launching an initial coin offering customized to your needs. We'll assist you from concept through white paper production, website launch, and marketing efforts required for your ICO.


The process of converting a real-world asset, such as real estate, gold, silver, or diamonds, into various digital tokens is referred to as Asset-Backed Token Development. If you're running a company or a startup, it's common knowledge that money is the fundamental element of any endeavor. The concept of asset-backed token development may help you get funding and a more defined growth strategy.


We'll review your options to determine the ideal time to launch your firm's ICO and what region its best suited for. There are several global regulatory factors to consider while creating a coin and determining if and whether or not an ICO is appropriate for your firm. Our team of specialists will assist you in navigating these concerns and providing genuine answers for your opinions, allowing you to get your business to its desired benchmarks.

Token Creation Simplified

Cryptocurrencies have been introducing innovative trends in the trading industry with their remarkable flux of coin growth. We reduce security risks by eliminating third parties need to carry out transactions. Cryptocurrencies can help your startup by providing secure and efficient digital transaction standards. As a seasoned cryptocurrency development firm, our clients know they can count on us to get them into the market quickly and securely. We make a variety of crypto coins and tokens for different marketplaces, such as asset-backed and ART coins, using either a new smart contract or a white-label version of our core AEXC smart contract.

An ICO might be the way to go if you want to get your business off the ground. But before you launch your ICO, you'll need a platform that can handle all the technical aspects of your offering. That's where our team comes in. We're experts in delivering Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and we can provide a complete ecosystem for your ICO project, including an ERC20-compliant token, a wallet, and oracles. We'll also go over your Whitepaper's technical and QA elements to ensure it meets all standards. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level with an ICO, contact us. We'll make it happen.

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