Strata EXC is committed to making money management accessible to everyone
Our Mission

The wants of the market are precise--a global system for fintech apps that allows companies to invest in growth without having to construct all the required infrastructure. This fact drove our mission at Strata EXC to Quickly connect features and issue/ receive payments in any currency, expand wallet capabilities, manage KYC and compliance procedures, establish crypto tokens for payment, and monetize assets. The Strata Fintech-as-a-Service solution is a way to deliver a complete commerce and financial services solution that can be embedded into any application or used as a stand-alone service. White labeling is more efficient than merely integrating one-off solutions and generating endless development cycles.

Convenient, reliable and integrated payment Choices

Our goal is to make international financial dealings easy and uncomplicated. By teaming up with frontrunners in money transfers, we hope to attain this objective. With our first-rate technology, serendipitous partnerships overseas, licenses, and banking skill set--to name a few things.


Strata EXC Corp is a global company with team members from all corners of the world. We specialize in areas such as finance, transaction systems, crypto-based solutions, Web3, asset tokenization, and card issuing.

We're happy that we can help take the guesswork out of constructing large Fintech solutions. We've connected with custodian banks, processors, card manufacturers, and other suppliers in the payments industry globally. In addition, we offer program management services to deliver a complete end-to-end solution that is effortlessly implemented with our white-label solutions.